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Zapt, LLC

About Us

The entire team at Zupt including our engineers and surveyors, brainstormed where to take Zupt's proven intellectual property. Zupt’s background is in the integration of complex positioning, navigation, and imaging technology in high-risk offshore operations working to water depths of over 2 miles for the last 15 years. Applying our knowledge from this background, Zupt knew they could build a “brain” to allow an all-terrain vehicle to work autonomously in all conditions. As a result, ZAPT, Zupt Autonomous Products, and Technology was launched.

Developing Nomad

After researching lawn care crew productivity and the types of tools commercial crews need, our team developed the “brain” to deliver optimal productivity in any condition. We attached this “brain” to a four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer autonomous mower that can transform from a 60” highly productive wide swath mower to a slim 32” mower. This size transformation allows it to transit through gates, between trees and fences, or other narrow areas that need mowing.  We call this advanced mowing system, Nomad.

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Nomad's Brain

Nomad’s “brain” receives input from a multi-sensor localization system along with input from a perception suite of LiDAR, cameras, and additional sensors. Nomad can operate safely and successfully in environments where GNSS (GPS) is denied. This includes under dense trees, alongside fences, and around tall buildings. 

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