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Zapt, LLC

About Us

ZAPT originated from Zupt, a company that, over the past 18 years, has integrated commercially available sensors with internally developed algorithms to deliver highly accurate positioning solutions in harsh environments. Together, we explored the potential directions for leveraging Zupt's well-established intellectual assets. Zupt's expertise lies in seamlessly integrating complex positioning, navigation, and imaging technologies within high-risk offshore operations, delving into oceanic depths surpassing 2 miles.

Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge accumulated in this domain, Zupt recognized a unique opportunity to create a "brain" capable of empowering all-terrain vehicles to operate autonomously across harsh environments in all conditions. This realization paved the way for the birth of ZAPT - Zupt Autonomous Products and Technology.

Developing Nomad

After investigating lawn care crew productivity and identifying the essential commercial tools for such crews, our team successfully engineered a ‘brain” to deliver optimal productivity under various circumstances and conditions. Integrating this innovative core brain into a four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering mower, we proudly introduce our robotic autonomous mower named "Nomad."

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Nomad's Brain

Nomad’s “brain” receives input from a multi-sensor localization system and input from a perception suite of LiDAR, cameras, and additional sensors. Nomad can operate safely and successfully in environments where GNSS (GPS) is denied. This includes under dense trees, alongside fences, and around tall buildings. 

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