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Zapt, LLC

What We Offer

With expertise in complex sensor integration, our autonomous products & technologies provide autonomous and robotic engineering services for outdoor power equipment. Additionally, ZAPT offers a fully autonomous commercial mower, Nomad, for lease. 

Autonomous and Robotic Engineering Solutions

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With 17 years of experience in complex sensor integration, we can automate most outdoor equipment by integrating our fully autonomous sensor suite into your equipment platform. The platforms ZAPT has evaluated include zero-turn lawnmowers, snow removal equipment, street sweepers, and small tractor units. As we move forward, we look forward to expanding the available autonomous robotic outdoor power equipment list.


Nomad Mower Leasing

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Nomad is initially only available through our leasing program (Robots as a Services – Raas). During the lease of Nomad, you are required to complete the basic maintenance (oil changes, air filter replacement, blade sharpening/replacement, etc.). To keep your operations efficiently moving, we will ensure you have access to a fully functional unit by supporting any sensor or other component failures with swap-outs on the mower. Additionally, we will constantly maintain Nomad’s sensor parameters, update the firmware and deliver operational analysis and production reports at a single monthly rate. This way, you do not have to make a large outlay to become familiar with the benefits of autonomous mowing. Still, you benefit by solving your labor problems, increasing production, and ultimately lowering costs.

Nomad Mower Sales

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We currently plan to start selling Nomad units for the 2024 cutting season. Please watch this space for updates.

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