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Zapt, LLC
  • Who is ZAPT?
    Zupt is the parent company of Zupt Autonomous Products and Technologies, ZAPT. Zupt is an advanced surveying services and technologies company in the Energy Industry specializing in integrating complex positioning, navigation, and imaging technology. Applying the knowledge from this background, Zupt knew they could build a “brain” to allow an all-terrain vehicle to work autonomously in all conditions. As a result, ZAPT, Zupt Autonomous Products and Technologies, was launched in 2020 with Nomad as ZAPT’s fully autonomous commercial lawnmower.
  • Do you sell products or services?
    Both! We offer a fully autonomous robotic mower, Nomad, for lease. Additionally, we provide autonomous and robotic engineering services for outdoor power equipment with our expertise in complex sensor integration.
  • How does Nomad know where to mow?
    Nomad mows within a defined boundary from processed satellite/airborne imagery or data collected by a high-resolution survey-grade LiDAR mapping system. In Nomad’s case, this boundary can be invisible to the human eye but very “visible” or “known” to the mower.
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