Nomad Lawn Mower Safety

Our primary focus is safe operations. Nomad has many sensors and systems to ensure safe autonomous operations. Over many years the commercial landscaping industry has developed a robust set of safety standards for outdoor power equipment. Nomadis fully compliant with all of the relevant components of these safety standards.

Nomad Lawn Mower Concept & Design

Nomad is a commercial robotic mower designed to be fully autonomous; It does not require a bounding wire or a manual outside path/headland path to be mowed before being autonomous. Its autonomy allows it to work either as part of a crew or independently. The highly redundant sensor suite includes inertial guidance technology, LiDAR, stereo cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and GNSS (GPS). These integrated sensors enableNomad to stay on the planned path, avoid objects, and maintain safe, high-productivity operations.

Nomad is gas-powered, and the primary traction is through hydraulic ground drive motors within rims fitted with conventional turf tires. For the best traction and path planning flexibility, Nomad has all-wheel driving and all-wheel steering. The steering is provided independently at each wheel that can rotate through360°, allowing a very tight turn radius. The mowing deck is a conventional three-spindle deck containing three20.25” blades. The height of the deck is controlled by linear actuators enabling accurate mowing height between 1.5” to 5.5”.

Nomad Lawn Mower Concept and Design by Zapt
Nomad Background Removed Fat-min.png

Image: Nomads 60" fat mowing width

Nomad Lawn Mower Cutting Width Transformation

To maximize productivity, Nomad can change mowing widths. Nomad cuts with a 60” mowing deck in most mowing situations. However, suppose the most productive mowing path requires a narrower profile to get through gates or maneuver between trees or fences; Nomad can autonomously reduce mowing pathwidths down to 30”.

This width transformation is unique and will provide the onboard brain with an additional layer of options for maximizing productivity.

Nomad Lawn Mower by Zapt

Image: Nomads 30" skinny mowing width




38HP Kohler 999cc Command PRO® EFI engine

Emissions Compliance:

Not Certified in CA

EU Stage V


China Phase II

Fuel Capacity:

Gasoline 6 gallons



Axial piston demand pump 32GPM


7 gallons

Heat Exchange:

40720 BTU’s per hour


4 custom cartridge proportioned valve manifolds

Wheel Motors:

100ccm Geroler

Hydraulic Fluid:

Premium Biodegradable, safe for turf use.


Fuel level

Hydraulic oil level

Oil temp into the exchanger

Oil temp out of the exchanger

Hydraulic pressure high side

Hydraulic pressure tank

Battery voltage

Alternator charge

10 synchronized SAE Class 2 amber LED safety lights


Plate Thickness:

Galvanized powder coat, 80-Grade 7-Gauge

No Deck Discharge:

High lift mulching blades

Anti-Scalp Wheels:

Qty 6 in deck, heavy-duty caster rollers

Blade Tip Speed:

18,300+ ft/min (5,577.8 m/min)

Blade Type:

3 x 20.5 in x 0.25 in thick heat-treated steel

Height of Cut:

1.5" - 5.5" in 0.25" increments

Spindle Bearings:


Carrier Frame:

2" x 1" x 11 gauge


C/S 18 x 8.5

Ground Speed:

Transit 9 mph (15km/h) in any direction


Max speed:

9 mph (15km/h)

Nominal Cutting Speed:

4.5 mph (7.25km/h)

Max Slope:

15° operational, slow transit 25° (in Fat mode)

Max Accel:

0 - 9mph 15s (0-15km/h 15s) up 15° slope

Max Cutting Width:

Fat 60” (1.5m)

Min Cutting Width:

Skinny 30” (0.76m)

Min Width for Access:

31.5” (clear 36” gate) Skinny mode

Time for Fat/Skinny Mode Change:

30s (max) automated change


  • Open Field, Clear Skies

  • Light & Heavy Rain

  • Light & Dense Tree Cover

  • High Dust

  • Onboard Job Memory

  • Auto without Manual Boundary

  • Works Near Fences/Tall Buildings