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Equip Exposition: Back for a Second Time



This past week we participated for a second time at Equip Exposition 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky, to feature Nomad, our AWD 60" fully autonomous commercial mower, and to discuss our custom autonomous solutions for outdoor power equipment. While at the show, we had many great conversations about Nomad and our autonomous engineering capabilities that will help customers increase their productivity. At our indoor booth, you could touch Nomad up close and see how it detects you through its perception suite, while outside, we had live demonstrations of Nomad mowing continual paths.

As many in the business are beginning to realize – there is more to an autonomous/robotic solution than adding a GNSS (GPS) receiver and a camera to an existing platform. According to contractors that have thoroughly evaluated our solution (their calculations, not ours), we can operate on 20% to 30% more of their projects than competing autonomous products. This difference is because we build all our autonomous solutions from scratch, giving us complete control of our sensor integration for our solutions to work in a unique broad operating environment and suboptimal weather conditions. Our autonomous solutions simply work where others do not - in GNSS-denied areas, under trees, along tall buildings and fences, in heavy rain or high dust, etc. An autonomous product like Nomad that increases the number of use cases of contracted properties is a generational change in mowing productivity.

We look forward to attending Equip Expo again next year as the demand and acceptance for autonomous products grow. See you next year, Kentucky!


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